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22Bet IPL: Bet on Indian Premier League Matches

Everyone knows just how big of a sport cricket is in India. It’s all thanks to the Indian cricket team being a top team in the cricketing world. It’s also because of the IPL or the Indian Premier League. It’s watched by the majority of Indians and cricket fans worldwide.

Thanks to that popularity, it’s also popular for online cricket betting. And the bookmaker where you can get the best IPL betting experience is at 22Bet.

So, let’s look at 22Bet IPL betting and everything that comes with this package. This should tell you whether or not this is a bookmaker that you should trust for Indian Premier League betting. Let’s begin the journey.

How to Place Bets on IPL with 22Bet?

Starting off in this review for 22Bet IPL cricket betting review, we want to showcase how you place bets on IPL with 22Bet. This will prepare you for when you start betting with real money on the matches.

Start By Creating an Account

Before you can start betting on your favourite team in the Indian Premier League, you have to sign up as a new user on 22Bet. As the bookmaker is registered offshore, you will need to create an account on the Indian version of their website.

Deposit Some Funds for Betting

To place real money bets, you will need some funds to do it, right? Choose from one of the many offered payment methods to make your first deposit. This will enable you to wager on IPL 22Bet matches.

Choose a Match to Start Betting

At this step, you need to keep looking for the match that you want to bet money on. Anytime the IPL is going on, all the matches are made available for pre-match betting. Look for your desired match and head over to the betting section to start wagering.

Pick the Betting Market and Confirm Your Bet

All that’s left to finalise your bet is to pick the betting market. When you’re doing this, make sure you check the odds. This makes sure that you get your expected payout. Once you’re done checking, enter the bet amount and confirm the wager.

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Best IPL Betting Markets

You can only experience the best of 22Bet IPL when you know which are the most popular betting markets. The popular markets are where all seasoned veterans gather and see the most action.

That’s why in this section, we’re going to talk about the most popular IPL markets at 22Bet.

Match Winner

Just like with regular cricket betting, the match-winner bet is the most popular for 22Bet IPL online. If you correctly predict the winner between two teams that go head-to-head, you get a payout based on the odds.

Man of the Match

In every IPL match, a single player is awarded the title of the man of the match for outstanding performance. This event is also popular among punters for betting. Usually, the star players are the ones that get this title the most, so you should do your research before you wager on this betting market.

Outright Winner

IPL being one of the biggest cricket leagues in the world, is one of the most anticipated cricket events. That same anticipation translates to the popularity of the outright winner betting market. If you lock in your bet at the start of the tournament and end up winning, the payout is going to be huge.

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IPL Betting Bonus Offers

A big part of making the 22Bet cricket IPL review is the bonus that’s being offered because of the tournament. We know you’re interested to learn about it as well, so let’s get right to it.

Cashback Bonus on IPL Bets

During this IPL season, you can enjoy an 8% cashback bonus on the amount wagered on 22Bet Indian Premier League matches. This will apply to all bets that you have placed on IPL matches starting from the opening day of the tournament.
In order to be eligible for this cashback reward, there are a couple of conditions that you will need to complete. First off, you need to have placed at least one wager on any IPL match to activate this bonus.

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IPL Live Betting

One of the ways you can enjoy IPL betting to the fullest is if you’re taking part in 22Bet IPL live betting. This is going to be much more exciting than the regular pre-match bets that you’re used to. You get to see whether you made the right choice as the match goes on.

The part that’s exciting here is the ever-shifting odds. Since no outcome is fixed, anything can happen during an IPL match. So, there is a chance that the odds you saw at the time of placing the bet can shift due to the events ongoing in the match.

It can either go in your favour or against it depending on the choice you made. We can’t say which way it’s going to go. But all we can say is that you can be sure that it will be exciting nonetheless.

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22Bet IPL Live Streaming

The live betting gets even more exciting when you can catch all of the action on the 22Bet platform. The interface at 22Bet offers the chance to watch the match and check the 22Bet IPL odds all on one screen.

22Bet has broadcasting permission to stream the matches live on their platform. If you’re not taking part in IPL live betting, you can still watch the match with thousands of other punters on 22Bet.

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22Bet Live Betting on Mobile

The 22Bet mobile app also has the option for live streaming. So, if you’re on the go, you can use the mobile app to catch the best moments of the match.

It also goes without saying that you can also enjoy live betting on the 22Bet mobile app. In the app, go to the live betting section and choose cricket. This will redirect you to the cricket live betting page, where you can find the IPL matches for live betting.

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IPL Betting Tips on 22Bet

Want to be successful when you’re placing bets on IPL matches? You can get started by following some of the betting tips that we’ve listed for you. New and experienced players will come to appreciate these tips during their betting sessions.

Do Your Research

Everyone wants their predictions to come true. But for someone new to IPL betting, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Why is that? Because research is the differentiating factor between a newbie and a veteran

Research equals information on the teams and players, which equals getting your predictions right. But what do you need to be researching?

Check for the head-to-head stats of the teams. Also, keep tabs on the players and their conditions. Injuries can mean a player missing the match, which can greatly impact the result.

Manage Your Bankroll

Some people stay away from IPL betting because it’s easy to get carried away with money. While it is true, there are steps that you can take to stop yourself from being in that situation.

You can avoid wasting money if you follow proper bankroll management. This means managing every single rupee. After you’ve decided on the IPL markets that you want to bet on, decide on how much money can you afford to spend on each bet.

Check the Odds

The thing that dictates payout in IPL betting, like other sports, is the odds. When you’re choosing to bet on IPL markets, consider the odds first.

You should compare the odds with other sites and make a judgement call. 22Bet always tries to offer the best possible odds for the best experience. That’s why it’s unlikely that you’d run into this issue at 22Bet.

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Get Access to the IPL Betting Odds

22Bet sets the odds keeping all of their players in mind. Since the odds highly influence the payout of a wager, it’s important that all players get the best possible odds.

The odds generated by 22Bet are done by taking into account the current standings of the team, recent performances, past records, and other points. This is why very few punters look elsewhere when it comes to 22Bet IPL.

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22Bet ensures that the IPL betting they offer is for everyone to enjoy. Some punters are in it for the money, while others simply see betting as a form of entertainment. 22Bet is a bookmaker that allows you to get the best of both worlds. No wonder so many Indian punters vouch for 22Bet IPL cricket real money betting.

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